nothing about me is beautiful, really

but poetry makes me feel like perhaps

my soul is

and nothing about sickness is gentle, really

but poetry makes the blows ache a little less

and nothing about my past is linear

but poetry lines it up into neat armadic stanzas

and nothing about this life is poetic

but poetry helps me make sense of the mess.

i am so grateful for my words

for others’ words

for the words we will change the world with someday.

sometimes i feel as if we already are

and then i feel beautiful, really

and sickness feels gentle, almost

and my past is my word bank

and this life is a never ending muse.

i don’t know where i would be without poetry

more than that, i don’t know who i would be.

so here is to the writers who are spinning spears out of language

and making people feel again.

poetry made me feel again,

and god knows i needed that.

welcome to my essence.

welcome to my poems.